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Thread: Catch Wrestling Canada

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    Good post.

    Love to see him come over the UK.

    Stockport Catch with Ian Bromley would be a great place to see him.

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    Drop me a text or something Jame, let me know whats the score with the CACC

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    Quote Originally Posted by cujo View Post
    I trained in bjj for just over 4 years, after 3 years mainly focused on no gi though.

    The main differences between rolling with a catch guy and a bjj guy were:

    1. Very difficult to attack from the guard(s) just about all the guys were very good at neutralising most of the attacks, they did this through using their bodyweight more effectively, maintaining proper posture and a good use of wrist/control.

    2. The use of "rips" or pain compliance to deter you from moving through certain positions, for example, trying to place the shin across the belly to recover closed guard usually resulted in a painful shin ride or even worse a toe hold, after being daunt with see a few times you really felt weary of trying to recover guard in this manner.

    3. "take the slack out of it!" was something kris emphasised when putting on joint locks, things like the top wrist locks (Americana) or the double wrist lock (kimura) we way tighter!!!! They have a different way of gripping the wrist and hand and add a small twist to the movement to tighten all the locks, you are literally tapping as they are going on!

    4. They tend to "ride" an opponent as opposed to simply lying on them to maintain position, being on the bottom position literally sucks! You find it very difficult to concentrate on mounting any kind oaf offense as you cant breathe! Just relentless pressure all the time.

    5. Generally a wider choice of submissions, as they employ the use of more neck cranks, bicep/calf slicers, etc. There were some definite improvements to my whole leg lock game, from set ups to actual execution.

    6. The whole approach to takedowns, they set them up really well from the clinch as opposed to telegraphing a shot, most of the CACC throws are painful as your being thrown, let alone the landing!

    These are just a few things that stuck in my head from my experience rolling with them....
    i can't be bothered to rebut your "analysis" point by point, but i will simply say that you know nothing of BJJ if that's what you believe.

    is it not true that last year you went into a bjj academy in wales and got destroyed by a white belt with 18 months training AND two 16 year old kids? i think deep all generalising comparisons about cach vs bjj should be left to people who have a little more knowledge of both...
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    oh and is it true that after your short trip to montreal, you're now TEACHING catch wrestling yourself???
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    ttt now forum is back on
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    fren this is not way of jesus
    Insert whiny message

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    Well I have knowledge of both and rolling with a catch wrestler is alot more painfull, they are 2 different games with the ruleset but you will see alot more people getting into catch for mma!

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    Rolling with Braulio or Victor... every position is painful. -

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    They are prime world class grapplers, what I'm saying is that a good catch wrestlers techneiqs are nasty with their neck cranks and back rides and things

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