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Thread: Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic not retiring yet

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    I would have liked to see him fight at 205 at one point, but even that doesn't interest me now.

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    I will never not root for Mirko, but it's getting hard to support him.

    He has been knocked out a lot of times now and it's getting hard to watch.

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    I will always support him WME-IMG

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    me too mirko all the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchboy View Post
    I don't think he'd beat any of these guys to be honest. To me, he's still a K1 fighter trying his hand at MMA.

    He has no subs, he has no wrestling, and whilst his takedown defence has improved, that alone wouldn't be enough.
    his takedown defence has improved? mirko has had some of the best takedown defence in the division for the past however many years! he's a purple belt under Nogeuira, so presumably knows enough to get him out of trouble, back to his feet and do what he does best, which is hit people with his hands and legs... having more fights in MMA than just about any active fighter in the heavyweight division makes him much more than a K-1 fighter (8 years ago!!) trying his hand, come on..

    Mirko has no wrestling? Why would he try to take anyone down?

    Quote Originally Posted by Temeura View Post
    Mitrione would smash him
    Never read such nonsense..
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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    Massive Mirko fan over here but I would honestly fear for him against Mitrione

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanmato View Post
    Never read such nonsense..
    Have you seen him fight recently?

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    Yes, against Tim Hague & Joey Beltran, so what?
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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    I meant Cro Cop. Plodding round the ring, not really engaging. He got spanked by Frank Mir FFS! I know Mir believes he is the next coming of Ali but that isn't really true.

    A prime Cro Cop would KO Mitrione with a minute but I reckon he'd get fucked up now.

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    Cro Cop has excellent takedown defence, obviously something he has worked on over the years to keep fights standing where he is most comfortable. Also think even now on the way down he would take out any of these three.

    WAR Mirko!

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