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Thread: Claudio Silva vs Nic Gregoriades VIDEO

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    Default Claudio Silva vs Nic Gregoriades VIDEO

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    When are you back in London
    A Black belt is just a White Belt that never quits

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    Given some of the good things i've heard about his opponent that was an impressively dominant performance from Claudio....well done!

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    That was great - a very strategic piece of submission wrestling.

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    I didn't know Claudio fought for London Shoot? I thought he was a Diesel fighter?

    Interesting to note that practically all his takedowns came from trips. It was a very dominant performance but for all that dominance he still couldn't submit him. That must have pissed him off?

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    reckon 2-18 will probably do him...

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    Considering their last match was in a gi and he almost submitted Claudio I thought it would have been much closer (Seeing as how Nic said he was better no-gi). It was nice to watch, loved the primetime vid beforehand.

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    Good match, unlucky Nic but I am sure you'll be back better than ever!

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