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    Default Yellow Card System.....

    Is it time for it to be introduced in to other countries MMA, it'd certainly stop stalling if you believed you were going to lose a percentage of your purse if you just took someone down and just held onto them, or running away and not engaging.
    Only downfall I could see is if you get a dodgy promoter trying to cut costs with a dodgy ref, anyone got any opinions on this????

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    yea i think that system wud be good means alot of people wud work more instead of just holding etc

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    It would be good to see, because a financial penalty is really the only way to change the way guys like that fight, but even just a redefining of the timidity rule could help. I think Anderson Silva is the only guy I've seen warned that he would lose a point for inactivity and failing to engage... well just taking someone down and doing nothing with, or prolonged moments of pushing someone against the cage with no real attempt at a submission, takedown or meaningful striking is pretty much a failure to engage as well. They could just dish out stronger and more frequent warnings to guys who're obviously stalling.
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    I hated the system in Pride, always felt the yellow cards were issued far too quickly.

    In the UFC with the 5 minute rounds I don't see the need for it.
    Yes they'll be stalling to some degree, but if people aren't prepared to work on their takedown defence or on being more aggressive from the bottom once taken doiwn then it's tough.

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