Unfortunately it has come to the point when I must now expose the fraudulent way Cage Contender and it's promoter John Ferguson has treated the fighters who fought on his show.
I fought in the main event of the most recent Cage Contender , 30th April (5 weeks and 3 days ago). I signed a contract which stated I would be paid via bank transfer, within 72 hours (3 days) of the event.


During the event and leading up to my fight, John Ferguson told me several times, how important the fighters are to him and if I needed ANYTHING at all - just ask.
This doesn't ring true though, as everytime I ask to be paid, the money doesn't materialize.
I have pretty much lost count now of the endless excuses for why I haven't received any Money yet - one day it's "I've already paid, it'll be in your account tomorrow", the next day it's "I'll pay you next week".
These statements are clearly lies, as they are not even compatible with each other.
I know at least one other party owed money from the last Cage Contender, and I also know that this has happened at his previous shows with other fighters.

This behavior cannot be tolerated - it is fraud.
Anyone else having or had problems with Cage Contender or John Ferguson, please let us know...