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Thread: How many of you still do basics class (blue and above)

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    Default How many of you still do basics class (blue and above)

    I was thinking the other day i have always done basics class since a started jiujitsu few years back. I think it's a great compliment to your advanced class. I do the basics then advanced straight after. I think if you just do advanced class you get lost in a myriad of moves and build togther a string of possible moves for the 'what if he does that' 'and i do this' case

    Just my opinion but for me the basics classes string togther everything. The basics class is often called the beginers class but should be called bjj fundermentals because everyone needs to do it no matter your level.

    Just my opinion as blue belt maybe i may change down the years when i advance

    I must of done millions of shrimps but i am still looking for ways to improve it.

    Makes sense???

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    That post is 100% accurate.

    Advanced Jiu Jitsu without strong basics
    is worthless.

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    Fundimentals are key. Good solid basics executed well work. Ask Roger gracie

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    I do it... but I teach the class so I guess it's a bit different. Defo agree that all levels should do it and a fair few blue belts do the class I teach. -

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    Agreed. I do the beginners class first (1hr) and then stay for the next class too (90mins). There are quite a few blues and purples that also do this. A fair few, however, stop going to the beginners class when they reach white 4 stripes or get their blue belt. I think they're missing out.

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    purpe belt, and one of the few that attends the basic class. it's one thing that really pisses me off actually, seeing people in the advanced classes who can't even shrimp and replace guard, or simple stuff....but trying to get their head around de la riva sweeps!

    i train the basic classes at all the schools i visit
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    This thread has really got me thinking. I did go to the basics class then stopped and started only going to the 'advanced' class..

    Maybe its time to go back to the basics class and just stay and do both when possible..

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    Our "fundamentals" class has a mixture of every belt colour

    I guess it's never a bad idea to keep training all aspects

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    Every opportunity I get

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    i usually attend every class i can physically do

    strong basics for the win

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