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Thread: Summer Wrestling Camp for MMA 2011

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    Default Summer Wrestling Camp for MMA 2011

    Wrestle For It!
    Olympic wrestling Camp for Mixed Martial Arts - Summer 2011[/B]
    Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August
    Manchester, England

    > Only 50.00 per person for 2 day camp
    > Buffet Included

    • Britain's Premier Wrestling Camp for MMA
    • Elite Wrestling Camp Conditions
    • Wrestling Specific for MMA
    • World Class Wrestlers Coaching
    • Two Days of Intensive Training

    We will be hosting our third camp this summer. Opportunity to spend 2 days with two of the countries top freestyle wrestlers. Whilst being put through a hard-core wrestling session, fighters will get the chance to learn and practice wrestling techniques specific for MMA. During the camp, fighters will go through an intensive program, involving techniques, wrestling, conditioning and one-on-one with the coach's themselves!

    Camp clinicians

    Myroslav Dykun
    Gold Medal 2010 Commonwealth Games
    Myroslav is an exceptional athlete, when he is on form his execution of technique is deadly. He has medalled in some of the worlds toughest wrestling competitions. He was recently named best athlete for 2010 by the British Olympic Association. He brings to this camp a level of training and technical knowledge that few others can provide in Britain.

    Mohammed Ali
    Mohammad has spent many years wrestling at the highest level in Iran. He has trained with some of the best in the world of wrestling. In 2006 he helped establish freestyle wrestling when he came to Northern Ireland and in 2010 was named Northern Ireland’s local sport hero. He has experience of coaching top fighters internationally and recently in Britain. He brings to this camp his own unique style of training with a high standard of technical knowledge.

    The summer camp will also include a Strength & Conditioning workout as part of the overall program.

    There are 2 ways to register for the camp, you can pay online or you can send us a postal order. If you are paying online you still need to send us a copy of your application form, either by post or email.

    Applications must be received no later than Wednesday 10th August 2011. Anyone who turns up on the day of the camp without already registering will be charged 60 on the door, however we can not guarantee places will be left, so best to register before the deadline if you are interested in attending.

    Payment Method - Paypal:
    We are now excepting payments through the safe and secure Paypal system. Simply click on the Paypal button which can be found on our camp website. If you are using this method to register please also email us a copy of your application form or send it to us by post.

    Payment Method - Postal Order:

    Send a postal order for the amount of 50.00 made payable to Yousef Alikhasi. full details on the address to post along with your application form can be found on our website.

    Camp website with more info and updates:

    Official Facebook Page:


    We will keep everyone updated with news and updates on our official Facebook page and also our website. if you need any help or more info then please email us and we will try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you.
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    This is a review a mate did of the last camp, cheers

    5 Members of Sheffield’s The Forge MMA team recently went on the Herculean 'Olympic Wrestling for MMA' camp.

    The training facilities were world class. We were privalidged to get to train at the British Wrestling Academy’s Gym in Salford. It had 2 Olympic size mats, a full weights area, changing rooms with showers and a dining room.

    The first day started with Mohammed Ali. We worked mainly from the clinch and looked at duck unders and arm drags.

    Next we got a surprise visit from Ali Arish who competes in MMA and has used his wrestling skills to achive a record of over 10 wins. He took over the class and showed us techinques he found useful for fighting. We learn’t various counter attacks for when people go for a single leg takedown.

    Mohammed took control again and we got to wrestle against guys attending from different gyms. It was nice to see that we did quite well against most of the people who we were matched up with.

    At dinner we completed to try and eat the most complimentary sandwiches / custard cream biscuits. There was also tons of cola so we were buzzing for the afternoon.

    This part we did takedowns mainly, Mohammed showed them us (who is fairly big) then we got Krasimir Krastanov a 55kg member of the British team show us how he does the move as a light weight guy, using his speed.

    We finished off the first day wrestling against Krasimir Krastanov, Ali Arish and another British team member who was built like a bear and never spoke. We lost!

    The second day we were “treated” to a free strength and conditioning lesson from the head coach of Extreme Strength and Conditioning, Barrie Edwards. It was nice to see some of what the fighters from the UFC do to improve their cardio. He also did a small Q&A at the end.

    Next Myroslav Dykun took the class, we drilled loads more moves and also got help with them off a female member of the British wrestling team Olga Butkevych. Lastly we wrested again against different guys on the camp before having lunch.

    After lunch we got to see some crazy games the wrestlers play to keep fit and split up training. These included a chaotic team tag game and best of all Rugby style basket ball.

    Myroslav then covered lots of little tricks and sneaky moves he knows, even some ground work, before finishing with a Q&A with himself and Mohhamed Ali.

    A real nice touch at the end of the camp was we were given signed certificates of attendence and a goodie bag which had been provided by the camp sponsor . It had 2 shakers inside, both filled with post training suppliment drinks for us to have on the way home.

    The camp was great value for money, we didn’t expect to get coaching from 6+ world class guys in 1 weekend.

    Hopefully we can get even more guys from The Forge MMA on the next one!

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