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Thread: X-Treme Kombat 5, Sunday 18th September 2011

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    Default X-Treme Kombat 5, Sunday 18th September 2011

    Now matching for the latest installment of X-Treme Kombat in South Cumbria,
    Looking for, Amateur mma, Semipro mma and K1 fighters.
    All weights and levels considered.
    any teams or fighters interested pm me or phone Bob on 07724730649.

    Cheers Bob..

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    X-Treme kombat 5, Barrow-in-Furness, South Cumbria
    Sunday 18th September.

    Looking to match;

    93kg K1, 0-1
    84kg K1, 0-0
    77kg K1, 0-0

    65kg Semipro mma, 0-0
    70kg semipro mma, 0-0
    70kg semipro mma, 0-1
    70kg Semipro mma, 2-4
    75kg semipro mma, 0-0
    77kg semipro mma, 1-3
    80kg Semipro mma 0-0
    94kg semipro mma, 0-0
    u100kg Semipro mma, 0-0
    105kg semipro mma, 1-1

    50kg Amateur mma, 0-0 15 yrs
    60kg Amateur mma 0-0 16 yrs
    66kg Amateur mma, 3-1
    70kg Amateur mma, 1-0
    73kg Amateur mma, 0-0 15 yrs
    82kg Amateur mma, 0-2 16 yrs

    Also looking for a fourth 66kg semipro to take part in a 4 man title tournament.

    ALL fighters will receive expences and ticket deal.

    Any others interested please pm me or phone 07724730649

    Cheers Bob.
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    Ok guys, here it is, FIGHT CARD SO FAR.....

    4 man 66kg Novice semipro mma title tournament;
    Andy Collins ( Shotai Kai )
    Josh Simpson ( Apex MMA )
    Lewis Dixon ( Hectik Hands )
    Oskar Toczynski ( Flex MMA )

    94kg K1
    Shane Irabor ( Flex MMA )
    Carl Ward ( Hokushinku )

    81kg K1
    Gus Diaz ( Flex MMA )
    Liam Bull ( Shootbox MMA & Muay Thai )

    100kg Semipro mma
    Bret McDermot (Flex MMA)
    Dave Irvine (Sukata MMA)

    60kg Semipro mma
    Mike 'DANGERMOUSE' Kernaghan ( Flex MMA )
    Lester Bell ( Hectik Hands )

    70kg Amateur mma
    Lee Frost ( Shiro no Zen )
    Rob Caush ( Hectik Hands )

    55kg Amateur mma
    Jake Duffy ( Flex MMA )
    Ainsleigh Murdoch ( Hokushinku )
    Lots more fights still to confirm, keep checking back for additions to the card......
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    Another fight added to card....

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    .......ttt for fighters.............

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