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Thread: Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling Seminars hitting the UK in September

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    This is gonna be historic, first seminar this Sunday in Stockton

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    Billy is a tough SOB he applied a cross face from standing.... It was fucking painful but was amazing to have felt it
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    roll on saturday....anyone on here coming to stockport

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    Billy is at ours tonight!

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    i thought those who have already had billy at there gym would have commented??

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    I'm at Stockport tomorrow, camera at the ready


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    come guys - how was it?

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    Trained with Mr Robinson for 3 hours tonight, it was brilliant. One of the most interesting and fun seminars I've done in ages. Funniest bits were hearing him shout abuse at people for getting it wrong and poking them with his cane!

    He covered mostly fundamentals. The CACC stance, the pivot, hand fighting, mare, neck cranks, double wrist lock, bottom position, the grovit and more.

    Coach Robinson is getting on and the wars have taken their toll but when he gets hold of you he still has a hell of a grip and can inflict some serious pain. Jake Shannon did as good a job as he could demonstrating the moves Mr Robinson couldn't do but seemed more of an enthusiast and assistant than anything and it's a shame to have missed Billy in his prime or seen some of his more practiced students.

    The thing that struck me most as Coach Robinson came around to correct details was how deliberate every movement and position was and his command of leverage. He really knows the human body, both his and his opponents, and doesn't bully anything on. I learnt subtle little things I'd missed every time he came over.

    Great seminar. Lots of material. Some relevant details to modern competition, some less so, but all very effective in their place and a fantastic opportunity to get to train in such an influential but disappearing grappling style. Gonna be sore tomorrow.

    Coach Robinson was a gent and willing to answer questions at the end even though it was getting late, it was an honour to have him at Leicester MMA Academy.

    Head Coach at Leicester Shootfighters
    Sponsored by Caged Steel and Empire Fight Shop

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