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Thread: The Ian Entwistle vs. Brad Wheeler II (Moderated) Thread

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    Coming from the guy with the online small aggressive man syndrome, Enty everyone claims your an ok guy in real life so why on the internet are you such a prick.

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    Think you will find I talk 2 people nice on here unless I think there a dick!! Or there chatting bubbles or there just boring as fuck

    But in your case your all 3.

    Can't wait for the 9th!!!

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    Where did the moderation go??
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    Ian gave up on that ages ago.

    So everyone who says you got dropped by that knee is taking shit so you talk to them like shit?

    You are going to have to start talking shit to loads more people.

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    im looking forward to the 9th...i think it will either make him, or end him!

    if he wins, best of luck to him, but if he loses, how is he going to clear up all the shit hes talked...cant see anyone taking him seriously if he loses this fight, especialy from a fan perspective.

    theres a lot for you to live upto ian entwistle, i hope for your sake you can deliver!

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    Weell erm roger that roger roger fuckin roger

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    wheeler any way he wants, period!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrappymma View Post
    wheeler any way he wants, period!
    you on your ,,,PERIOD,,,,,mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by morris dancer View Post
    you on your ,,,PERIOD,,,,,mate
    Hahaha that's why he talks so much shit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerPlata View Post
    Where did the moderation go??
    Still trying to cope with the grammatical errors.

    Could all trolls please spend 5 minutes learning the different uses of "you're" and "your"?

    "You're a cunt" when referring to Sledge
    "Your cunt" when referring to my vulva.


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