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Thread: whats my record?

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    Question whats my record?

    well this is an amateur discussion so i guess this is the right thread, sorry if it isn't

    hey guys, for work reasons i'm only able to train once a week and so have only competed at amateur. since feb of last year i've had 13 1 round 4 minute fights, with the majority being find out who you fight on the day.

    now i'm looking to compete in shows with proper cards and shiz, alot of amateur fighters are refusing to fight me based on me being over experienced.

    i'm only 3-1-9, the question is do i claim to be 0-0-0 if i'm going to be fighting 3*3 rounds?

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    always give the correct details of your fight experience.

    that aside you can always make sure that the promoter understands the difference between a league and his fight night event.

    alternatively step up to semi pro rules which you will have 0-0-0 experience.

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