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Thread: UMA NGB IIII Open Groundfighting Championships - Register Here

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    Default UMA NGB IIII Open Groundfighting Championships - Register Here

    UMA NGB IIII Open Groundfighting Championships

    27th and 28th August 2011


    Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

    Saturday 27th August 'With Gi' Groundfighting Championships

    Sunday 28th August 'No Gi' Groundfighting Championships

    Closing Date for all Registered Competitor Entries is Sunday 6pm 21st August 2011

    Junior, Adult, Senior, Boys, Girls, Male and Female Divisions and Weight Brackets; Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

    The UMA NGB Open Groundfighting Championships are Open to all Styles and Systems e.g.
    Judo, JiuJitsu, BJJ, Grappling, Wrestling, Sombo, Groundfighting, Ne Waza, MMA, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, TKD etc, infact any one from any Traditional Martial Art or Sporting Martial Arts background who wants to enter can attend and participate, the Different Times as specified in training is a guide to time and experienced gained etc, if you are unsure, just ask us and we will ensure you are entered in the correct Division, Age and Weight Bracket

    These Open Groundfighting Championships are fast paced, dynamic, electrifying and exciting, you can't sit on your butt all day for sure, so can you handle the pace and skill, if so, step up, represent and show us and your fellow Competitors your own Groundfighting skillz on the contest mat...

    The usual Professionalism and Event stuff etc, applies, most know anyway, we always look after everyone and give fantastic value to and for everyone etc, and this is guaranteed to be one fantastic weekend for everyone.

    Oh yeah, check out the Medals...

    For Full Details, Divisions, Rules and to Register etc, go to:
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    Looking forward to this, there'll be a decent bunch of us from Pure MMA competing

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    Default Event Update

    There will be a "Club Champions" Trophy which will be Awarded to the Club who gains the most Points over the Two Events.

    The Trophy is for the best overall Club of the whole Championships, not the Best Group of Clubs or Team/Group/Organisation etc, ok, there will be Clubs who are part of the same Team/Group or Organisation will be representing etc, but that will not count, it is a Trophy to find the Best Club Champions over the whole weekend.

    This Event is a chance for the Players who train and compete 'No Gi' to also step up and have a go with the Gi on, and the 'With Gi' Players to do the same and step up and have a go without a Gi on.

    1st = 10 Points
    2nd = 4 Points
    3rd = 1 Point
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    Not sure If I am being stupid here but I can't find the price on there or the registration bit

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    ill try make it jim if im not fightin round that date hope it goes well lee

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    Poom, checked the UMA online registration page, looks ok, with the entry fee costs etc, near the bottom of the page, if your still having probs, maybe you should possibly check your browser settings to allow and show the payment section of the page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobramma View Post
    ill try make it jim if im not fightin round that date hope it goes well lee
    Hey, no probs Lee, looks like your MMA is really kickin' ass bro' well done and keep up the great work your doin'.
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    Gutted I can't make this as I'm on holiday, but I'm sure that Pure MMA will be out in force as usual!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_A View Post
    Gutted I can't make this as I'm on holiday, but I'm sure that Pure MMA will be out in force as usual!
    No probs, have a great holiday, and hey, we'll see you in December for our Premier No Gi Grappling Event; UMA IIII Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships on December 3rd
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    Please support this prestigious event, it will be a great weekend (2 days) of exciting and fast paced Groundfighting for sure, both Gi and no Gi.
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