We're pleased to announce that CloudRiders have released their first application to the iTunes App Store, Pocket BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu), available to buy now!

The app features move demonstrations and instructional videos from Michael Russell, the youngest person to have ever achieved and the fastest to go from white to black belt in the UK and the head BJJ instructor at The MMA Clinic

He has taught and competed worldwide and is a multiple gold medalist. He is also a national champion at blue, purple, brown and black belt.

He is the current British BJJ black belt champion and the head coach for the MMA clinic in both England and Ireland.

This app teaches unrivalled BJJ techniques for both the novice and the professional.

This is a must buy for all BJJ enthusiasts!

So if you're thinking of taking up jujitsu, or simply want to see how the masters do it, this is the app for you! Also, any feed back is welcome!