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Thread: Jim Rosenthal on Amir Khan vs Zab Judah:“I Can Guarantee Value For Money In This One!

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    Default Jim Rosenthal on Amir Khan vs Zab Judah:“I Can Guarantee Value For Money In This One!

    Jim Rosenthal on Amir Khan vs Zab Judah:

    “I Can Guarantee Value For Money In This One!”

    WBA + IBF Light Welterweight Championship

    When: Saturday Night 23rd July Live from 1am

    What: Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

    Where: All on Primetime: Sky channel 480, Virgin Media ‘On Demand’ and online at

    Primetime sat down with Jim Rosenthal before he flies to Las Vegas to cover this weekend’s boxing. Read his thoughts ahead of this exciting fight.

    On Khan vs McCloskey:

    “Whilst the ending was unsatisfactory, and debatable, the fact is he won every round on the judge’s scorecards. In the cold light of day Amir was just a different class. It will have helped that he faced a southpaw as he’s facing a southpaw again in Zab Judah on Saturday night. He’s proved again what a fantastic attraction he is. I really feel Amir is the number one attraction in British boxing just now, after the demise of David Haye he is the worldwide flag bearer for British boxing. We’ve already heard that Golden Boy are thinking of him in terms of being the next Mayweather or Pacquiao and I think it’s great that he’s on Primetime this weekend.”

    On Primetime:

    “For Primetime I think it’s a terrific statement that we are going over to Vegas and doing the fight on site. This is a fantastic marker to show just how far Primetime have come, they now have the confidence and the ambition to go over there and give viewers the best possible experience. Being on site we’re going to really be able to convey the atmosphere to British fight fans and not be sat in a studio thousands of miles away wondering what’s going on.”

    On Khan vs Judah:

    “From Khan’s point of view the danger rounds will be early on, the longer the fight goes the better it will be for Khan. Judah is a very dangerous and unpredictable human being and Khan will have to have his wits about him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amir go down and have to get up from the floor to win this one.”

    “This is a danger fight for Amir, if you give Judah half a chance he will exploit it. Zab Judah has been in with terrific fighters like Mayweather, he’s been in with the best and Amir will have to respect that. This is a genuine test of Amir Khan’s development, where he was expected to beat McCloskey here he’s going in with another World Champion and we can’t forget that. Judah has turned his career around with Pernell Whitaker helping him, he’s a more mature fighter now and Amir will need to be on his toes the whole fight.”

    On Khan’s Chin:

    “I think Khan answered a lot of questions about his chin in the Maidana fight but he won’t want to be in another war like that fight. He proved that his early fallibilities have been pushed into the background in the Maidana fight, but you just can’t have too many of those fights in a career. Amir’s chin will always be in the back of the viewing publics minds but I think, to himself, he has answered the questions about his chin. Physically he a much more mature fighter now and he’s proved he can take a punch.”

    On the potential for Khan vs Mayweather:

    “Mayweather has been out of the ring for a while but I look at him and his face is completely unmarked after all the fights he’s been in. I wonder whether anyone would be ready for Mayweather! The longer Mayweather is out of the ring, the better it is for Amir Khan, and in a year’s time he may well be ready. If he comes through his tests and has the titles it’s an absolute natural pick for a massive fight. But it’s very dangerous for Amir to look too far ahead, he has to do a good job on Zab Judah first and unify the division. Of course there is the feeling he will be stepping up to welterweight soon anyway, which is such an exciting prospect.”

    And Finally:

    “I can’t wait to get on the plane and get over there to work on a fight from Las Vegas again. This is a fight people should stay up and watch. Pay Per View boxing has been discredited a bit by David Haye and Audley Harrison in recent times but I can guarantee people will get value for money in this one. This won’t be a fight with nothing happening!”

    The eagerly anticipated Khan vs Judah bout promises an evening of nonstop action on the UK’s leading independent PPV broadcaster – Primetime!

    You can order the card for only £14.95 by calling 08712004444*, visiting or for Virgin Media customers by using the ‘On Demand’ menu. Customers on Sky must register the first time they use Primetime and once registered can purchase using the ‘box office’ menu.

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    Looking forward to this fight.

    You have a PM Primetime.

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