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Thread: Why Hill Sprints Are Superior To Almost Anything You Can Do

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    Default Why Hill Sprints Are Superior To Almost Anything You Can Do

    Been doing these for a few week now.. Warning not for the weak.. When you really go all out going up that hill like your running for your life, you get to the top and the recovery is crazy you feel like your guna have a heart attack ( well that's how i felt)


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    Read this article the other day. I decided this week to get started on hill sprints so did my first lot last night, felt dodgy for a good few hours, going to do 2 sessions per week and see how it goes but man they are tough

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    Brilliant article. When people ask me how best to lose weight (they ask me cos I'm lean, I have as much clue as the next guy about s&c) I always tell them to do hill sprints. Now I'll just point them to this page.
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    Sprints are great competition training although I use the rowing machine or a bicycle as running hurts my knees.

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    I'm going to see my dad in Austria for a couple of weeks (no BJJ!) on Monday. He lives up a mountain, so I reckon I'll give this a shot. 8)

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