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Thread: NHS or private treatment?

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    Default NHS or private treatment?

    I work for the NHS & from tomorrow will also be working as a locum in the private sector.

    Why would you go private if the same treatment was available through the NHS?

    What differences do you expect from each?


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    OK, I agree that paying reduces the waiting time. But I just can't see how paying for the treatment that is available through the NHS means you get a better service.

    I think it's all the mind.

    for example, today I covered a private clinic. The treatment & advise i provided was exactly the same as I provide in the NHS, apart from each pt being allocated an extra 10 mins. The private pt got a foot bath before treatment & a foot massage after treatment. Every pt rebooked & was very happy today. That has never happened in the NHS clinic. Why Not? because of negative thinking.

    So if time was taken out of the equation, would you still go private?

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    In my profession waiting time isn't a factor. . You register, get assessed & are treated based on need.

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    mmmm..... so I can't convince ppl that the nhs is as good as private.

    Looks like there's some money to be made then in running these private clinics


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    Quote Originally Posted by DianeB
    OK, I agree that paying reduces the waiting time. But I just can't see how paying for the treatment that is available through the NHS means you get a better service.

    I think it's all the mind.
    maybe in the case of podiatry the difference isn't as great but I would say that in 99% of cases private treatment is far more desirable than NHS

    As for better service, well lets see:
    Option A: Dirty crowded municipal hospital full of scroats, illegal immigrants, general undesirables and staff who hate their jobs

    Option B: Well-maintained private hospital with only paying customers and their families and well-paid motivated staff around.

    I know which one I would choose

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    I think the NHS has its strong points as well as its weak points. On the whole the NHS is good for emergencies, screening for things that are potentially serious, problems that respond well to drugs, routine testing and vaccinations. They're also pretty good at things that involve cutting people open, although you may have to wait if it's not urgent.

    The NHS is generally very bad at dealing with relatively minor musculoskeletal problems (such as sports injuries).

    As with so many things, if you understand the system a bit and know who to go to for what kind of problem then you do much better than if you don't. If i have a problem with my back, i don't bother going to the doctor, i go straight to my osteopath. On the other hand, if I have a chest infection, there's no point seeing someone privately - i go straight to my GP.

    The problem is with the perception that the NHS "ought" to provide the best possible care for every conceivable health problem. It doesn't, and there's no way it possibly can.

    In terms of the actual treatment you get, I don't think that private is necessarily better when you compare like with like (eg a private orthopaedic surgeon with an NHS orthopaedic surgeon). As a private patient, what you will generally get are is prompt treatment, nicer surroundings and more time with the doctor/therapist/practitioner. As Di says, this makes a huge difference to people's perception of the treatment.

    I've had a variety of experiences with the NHS, ranging from extremely good to pretty poor. I also had a minor foot operation done privately, and ended up with permanant nerve damage (fortunately pretty much inconsequential, except for a loss of sensation in one area, but none the less, it shouldn't have happened). So shit happens even when you're paying for it.
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