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Thread: Your least favourite sparring partner?

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    Default Your least favourite sparring partner?

    Who in your gym do you not look forward to sparring with, who gives you the most trouble?

    Simplified - who batters you at training?

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    fair play this is for Scotland and people currently training, but i'm going on a waffle anyway.

    i used to train with a good bunch of people, but one of the chaps, good bloke though he was, was also an excellent kickboxer and spiteful bastard. i was bigger than most in the class, he was smaller than me, but when it came to sparring, everyone would pair up and leave me with this nutter. i couldn't really admit to the class or myself that i was scared, so i'd go along with it.

    he used to bash me every time. proper meaty bruises every session. last time we sparred he kicked me in the nose, broke it and made me even uglier. bah, that was a while ago, but one of those memories which stays with you.
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Everyone beats me up , hahaha .Of note recently it mostly bean Andy Wilson, Don Wilson, Ally Smith, John Couper and Steven Lynn. One day , one of my team members will write my name in this thread!! ahhaha
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    Ally Smith, horrible to spar with
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    Mark Conner. its like a benny hill sketch.

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    John Cullen! Boys a maniac when in the ring or cage. Nicest guy outside it tho.
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    Bart by a mile, horrible cunt.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCrazy View Post
    John Cullen! Boys a maniac when in the ring or cage. Nicest guy outside it tho.
    Was expecting anyone from the D-unit to say that, can't imagine it would be a nice experience.

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