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Thread: Mission Submission 2 Results

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    Default Mission Submission 2 Results

    Mission Submission 2
    Sunday 31st July 2011 – Selby

    Novice Men -68kgs
    1st Michael Evans (Kaobon)
    2nd Liam Fletcher (Kaobon)
    3rd Callum Murnie (SMAC)

    Novice Men -73kgs
    1st Lewis Matthew (Gracie Barra Midlands)
    2nd Jamie McIlroy (BJJ Scotland)
    3rd Danny Turton (Independent)

    Novice Men -80kgs
    1st Anthony Connor (Kaobon)
    2nd Elliot Jenkins (Kaobon)

    Novice Men -87kgs
    1st Graham Blach (BJJ Scotland)
    2nd Marcus McKeeton (Stockport Fighters)
    3rd Pawel Kwiecinski (Multi Masters)

    Novice Men -96kgs
    1st Adam Randle (Stockport Fighters)
    2nd Grant Hensby (EKBJJ)
    3rd Rob Ferrett (EKBJJ)

    Novice Men +96kgs
    1st Jamie Blundell (Kaobon)
    2nd Tony Maloney (Kaobon)
    3rd Duane Parkin (Stockport Fighters)

    1st Caz Tweedy (Leicester Shoot)
    2nd Abigail Steady (Leicester Shoot)
    3rd Angela Webb (Leicester Shoot)

    Under 16’s
    1st Sam Howe (SMAC)
    2nd Jordan Whitlam (SMAC)
    3rd Leon Williams (Stockport Fighters)

    Advanced Men -73kgs
    1st Everton Lopez (Doncaster Martial Arts)
    2nd Lewis Matthew (Gracie Barra Midlands)
    3rd Colin Rigby (Kaobon)

    Advanced Men -80kgs
    1st Ian Jones (Kirby BJJ)
    2nd Dane Mitchell (Caged Steel)
    3rd Danny Tansey & Steven Letting (Stockport Fighters)

    Advanced Men -87kgs
    1st Josh Dilcock (SMAC)
    2nd Mikey Hollings (Combat Base)

    Advanced Men -96kgs
    1st Josh Dilcock (SMAC)
    2nd Martin Kozlowski (Combat Base)
    3rd Kam Atakuru (Kaobon)

    Advanced Men +96kgs
    1st Thomas Lee (EKBJJ)
    2nd Mark Bottom (EKBJJ)
    3rd Adam Hill (Kirby BJJ)

    1st James Saville (Caged Steel)
    2nd Rob McRumm (BJJ Scotland)

    Photo’s will be available from

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    Guys - who are SMAC?

    What do the initials stand for?

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    its selby martial arts, craig lawrences lot, a cool bunch
    failing to prepare is preparing to fail

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    Why no 3rd place in Novice Men -80kgs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChokeHold View Post
    Why no 3rd place in Novice Men -80kgs
    I don't think they had a 3rd place match. I believe Elliot may have injured his semi-final opponent's leg in a bizarre situation where he just kept refusing to tap out, but screaming in pain.
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    I was in the novice under 80s, can't remember which one beat me - could of been Elliot (i got caught via von flu choke) but it was in the second rounds.

    Kaoban did really well on the day as far as medals went.

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    On the results sheet there wasnt a 3rd Place which i dont know why as that category had 25 people in and lasted 4 hours

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    Default Rm73

    Hi pal,i dont know why there is no 3rd place result as it was me,i train at farrell mma and i got beat in semi off anthony connor on points.

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    thank you, it was an error on the tables, whats your name?

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    My names Rod Miller pal,they might not have got my name but they give me a bronze medal so i wasn t too bothered

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