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Thread: BJJ Gi Glasgow

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    Default BJJ Gi Glasgow

    Anyone know where I can get a Gi at short notice in Glasgow?

    Tried griphouse last night, but they only had huge/expensive ones.

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    Much do you think a Gi costs?

    They start about 30-50 and go up into the hundreds...

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    get one off the internet mate. I got one for like 40 and it feels alright

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    I was looking for one about 40, which they had but only in A6, and I'm a short-arse. They had one A2 but it was 90, a bit steep as I'm just starting out.

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    Cheers dude, out of white though, may have to go with a blue.

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    Couple of guys at the grip have those tuff wear ones. Quite good for the cash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beardybum View Post
    Cheers dude, out of white though, may have to go with a blue.
    i use the blue one, not a bad gi for the price

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    I would go for this one if you want a basic low cost Gi...

    IMO your better to spend a bit extra getting a higher quality Gi than buying a chap one that just falls apart in a few months, leaving you to then buy another one.
    The Griphouse

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    Ordered the tuff one, but they had to refund me as they ran out of stock, so I'v just ordered the tatami one.

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