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    Quote Originally Posted by jonbroster View Post
    Likewise, D1 wrestlers might transfer to D2 school to bolster the program there (Matt Furey did this and became a D2 champion).
    Anyone who finishes in the top 10 of their division at the end of the year is classed as an "All American".
    I'm not sure what Matt Fury's exact situation was but almost nobody would transfer out of a D1 school for a D2 school if they were a starter. A transfer would basically happen if they couldn't crack the starting line up, had bad grades or something along those lines.

    And just a correction but, All American is top 8 finish, not top 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayman2606 View Post
    Firstly very many thanks for taking the time to answer this.

    Just a further question: so the colleges are put in divisions but these in themselves are not necesarily reflecting the individual? i.e. you could get a great wrestler in division 2. Is it possible for college's to work their way up a division or down then with time? These questions may sound dawky but I am just genuinely interested.
    There's actually 5 divisions.
    NAIA (Bobby Lashley)
    CC (Community College) (Cain Velasquez, Rampage, Matyushenko)

    Usually what happens is if someone wins their division in their fresh, soph or junior year they transfer to a D1 school from D2/D3/NAIA/CC.

    Alot of times if somebody doesn't have good grades they go the CC route and improve their grades.

    That's the current way to move up to D1.

    In the 70s and before, my understanding is that you could actually compete in the D1 championship if you qualified even if you were a D2 wrestler. So you could be D1 and D2 champion because the D2 tournament was before the D1 tournament. So some D2 wrestlers were able to become D1 champion.

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