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Thread: Leg kicks kind of pointless

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    Default Leg kicks kind of pointless

    Hey I was like rolling around with my other mate the otherday also training to be an mma fighter, we got the sparring stuff on and started going at it, we like to play stemm face the pain in the background as it really motivates us. I had to be careful as I got a new tattoo recently got M.M.A written on my shoulder but it had pretty much healed.. iv done alot more boxing and grappling choking stuff, when he started kicking my legs. and ofcourse in the big dog world of mma I see allot of leg kicks being thrown. my friend had pads on so it didn hurt but dont think it would of hurt anyway, because I did wing chun for 3 years before my mma training began my legs are planted like a tree and can withstand leg kicks quite easily.. so im guessing he threw it more to try make me lose my balance, as I see leg kicks as kind of pointless otherwise..

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    Hi Mr Troll

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    this the shittest troll thread i have personally read
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    Leg kicks only work if you make a "weeeeaaaaarrrrrrhhhh" karate movie style noise when you throw them. I'm guessing your buddy didn't and therefore his technique was incorrect thus leading to pain free leg kicks!
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    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    guys i think he's right, if things hitting against your leg hurt so much then why would people throw kicks at all, risking their own pain as it collided with it's target? duh you fucking noobs, they wouldn't. i think it just proves that almost all muay thai fights are fake and that many MMA fighters are pussies... sometimes it takes a guy like Bast to see the truth with that absolute clarity and there is a paradigm shift in what people consider to be useful in combat sports... if i ever see a leg kick used again in MMA after today i will eat my hat
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    You're a terrible terrible Troll.

    You will do really well on this board.

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    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Your absolutely right leg kicks do absolutely nothing in fact they are put there to make noises as there aren't any sound effects in mma.

    If you are looking for a version of this pointless exercise check out Brandon Vera Vs. Michael Patt at UFC 96 this fight was orchestrated by a magician callled dynamo who makes you believe that these things hurt to woo the crowd into drinking more thus making more money for the UFC.

    Or you could kick yourself in the leg to see if it hurts, only thing is that you have to use the same leg your are targeting to throw the kick.

    See how you get on.......
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