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Thread: Leg kicks kind of pointless

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    Faber disagrees with this thread

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    I think he has a point, just not put it across very well...

    Look at the facts, when was the last time you saw someone KO'd by a leg kick, exactly ! Punches KO, Leg kicks don't, therefore you cannot win a fight with a leg kick, therefore they are pointless.

    I would go so far as to say maybe its time the rules were changed so people fight whilst kneeling, so therefore even preventing illegal leg kicks after they are banned!
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    I don't dislike Urijah, quite the opposite actually i think he's a great fighter and comes across as a good guy....but i always have a little chuckle when i see his gammon leg and reckon he must have thought to himself 'well that didn't go as i planned it' lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Churnside View Post
    Faber disagrees with this thread

    That stopped his non existing point in its tracks. There's other fights out there where guys get there leg turned to mush and can't fight properly because of it. Rampage vs. Forrest Griffin is another that comes to mind. Leg kicks hurt especially ur 3rd or 4th clean hit. Shin on thigh.

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