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Thread: Is there anything I can do to protect my tootsies?

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    Default Is there anything I can do to protect my tootsies?

    I want to give Muay Thai another go but around two years ago I broke my big toe and it's never really been 100% since. Doc's say it as healed as it's ever going to get.

    I can walk, run, dance etc as normal without any discomfort. But I'm afraid that Muay Thai might aggravate it. Is there anything that can be used to protect toes for Muay Thai?
    Can it be strapped up some way?

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    lots and lots of tape

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    You know, if this thread was on Sherdog - every reply would be "Use your shins dufus" - "Don't kick with your feet" - "Learn to kick properly". But because I'm not from Sherdog and because this is not Sherdog, I'm not going to say anything... LOLZ!!!

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