The thing with skunk weed, which happens to be very popular with people who smoke weed (particurlarly, and very sadly, youngsters) it has such high levels of thc (tetrahydracannibinol - the active ingredient that gives individuals the high) that it is seriously affecting mental health. Young people who have very bright futures smoking skunk, and has ended up having serious affect on their education and relationships with family and friends. Another thing with skunk is that other substances are added to it to increase the weight of it (so the dealer selling it, makes more money because it weighs more.) Only thing is, what's being added to make it weigh more are the following.. sand, fiberglass, crushed glass. Pretty fucking scary!

There has been an increase in young people being admitted to psychiatric units who have been smoking skunk with skunk psychosis. I'm not stating that's the only reason as it could come down to people who may be more susseptable to a mental health condition than others but I find it alarming. Also, I'm not saying that everyone who enjoys a spliff after training or at weekends is going to end up in a psychiatric unit, it's just my view and my experience where I have witnessed the affects of skunk.

Have to agree with, Dickie, on the alcohol. Legal, yet the costs (financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, family break up, domestic violence, driving under the influence) outweigh all the other drugs. Nasty drug, man.