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Thread: How would you summarise BJJ?

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    Default How would you summarise BJJ?

    I remember seeing a website that asked people to summarise their life in six words and I thought:

    How would you summarise Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or at least your view of it or your journey with it) in 6 words?
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    Skin tight clothing can be masculine

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    Fighting for positional dominance then submission.

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    Close the distance and then smash.

    Simon's is definitely more apt overall, but this is always my number one goal

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    spend less energy than your opponent
    mental growth thru honest physical hardship
    physical negotiations sharpening your mental skills
    any excuse to wear expensive pyjamas
    The Part Time Grappler - Just Google BJJ / Grappling Tips and you'll find me

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    Fren, you is gonna get haped.

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    Flying headbutt then shout Jiu-Jitsu...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Tapsalot View Post
    A bit like Judo and wrestling.
    six words...

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