Listen mate im sure your a nice fella and your gyms not that bad of a shitthole, but why is it so hard to answer a few simple questions about your grand claims. I know you've uploaded your silent movie to youtube, but I dont see why your still avoiding the questions.

You claim you were in Kickboxer, you claim your an 8th Dan master, you claim to be a qualified karate, ninjitsu, MMA and boxing Coach, and you claijm to be a three time world champion.

Dont you think by avoiding my questions people are going to assume like its because your credentials are false? Why dont you prove us wrong???

So show us yourself in kickboxer (I posted the link for you)
Tell us who you trained with up to 8th Dan. they must be at least a 9th Dan right?
tell us where and when you won the world title and which world title it was
Tell us what your qualifications are in the other arts you teach,