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Thread: Avoid the Ringside Gym Wigan

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    Listen mate im sure your a nice fella and your gyms not that bad of a shitthole, but why is it so hard to answer a few simple questions about your grand claims. I know you've uploaded your silent movie to youtube, but I dont see why your still avoiding the questions.

    You claim you were in Kickboxer, you claim your an 8th Dan master, you claim to be a qualified karate, ninjitsu, MMA and boxing Coach, and you claijm to be a three time world champion.

    Dont you think by avoiding my questions people are going to assume like its because your credentials are false? Why dont you prove us wrong???

    So show us yourself in kickboxer (I posted the link for you)
    Tell us who you trained with up to 8th Dan. they must be at least a 9th Dan right?
    tell us where and when you won the world title and which world title it was
    Tell us what your qualifications are in the other arts you teach,


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    Actually if you google "ringside gym wigan" it's the 6th result....under the google maps.

    If you put effort into making your gym better instead of trying to censor comments then you would probably see more business. Hows it any different to reviewing a restaurant or a hotel? There are plenty of gyms in Wigan that provide the service you do and probably better. I've seen recent videos on youtube of the gym you moved back into and it's still nothing amazing. Same boxing rings and same mats. I just hope they're clean.

    I'm actually really bored of this thread but the trolls calling you out on being a 3 time world champion is funnier. I think you should back up your claims of being an 8 time British champion and 3 time world champion.

    All the best Master Stephen

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    I have been involved in the Martial Arts for over 40 years. I run a Governing Bodie called BAOMA British Assocation Of Martial Arts, and unlike some coaches I DO NOT SELF WARD;

    I have won many tiltes in my time for both fighting and traditional karate kata, these include National, English, British, and World

    My World Cup Titles are from WUMA World United Martial Arts under 65 klg mens section. I have been a part of the wka and wkc GB Team for years.

    I was an extra on the film KickBoxer and if you take a look at the clip in the photo attached you will see this. I have also been on Euro Sport , BBC and Sky Sports.

    If you wish to confirm my coaching and grades contact WKA. WKC. UKASKO.

    Over the years I have had several coaches, some good some not so good, but my grades were with quality Coaches including, Philip Brown now 6th Dan and reired he took me for my shodan Grade (1st Dan) Roy Stanhope now 9th Dan (Karate 2nd to 4th Dan and Instructors qualifications)WKA examing body and head coach for the uk Peter Lewis. Kickboxing Ronnie Green (not the thai boxer)Andy ahrmer and Allan Glyn. Ninjitsu and Bushido Master Steve Stvanvick.

    My recent grade of 8th Dan was awarded for achivements and time given in the Martial Arts. This is traditional. This was awarded by WKC

    MMA is a combination of my kickboxing, Bushido and boxing, and although no gardes are required in the sport, its is based upon my years of training and championship achivements.

    Yes we have moved back into Eckersley Mill with the rings and equipment, but as previously said..Safty is of utmost imporatnce to all who train with and use our facility. Off course you are allowed you oppion, and yes you are allowed to voice it, but all along I have been very fair with you and my expanations to you and other readers of this site, but here is were I feel things are not good. You could have maybe emailed me or contacted me via telephone (I understand no body was at reception when you visited us) But to word the article or thread “AVOID” has caused damage. And because Google love live feeds it will always stay on the first page. This is why I have asked you to take it off..

    Having now said this I hope it has made things clear, and I can promis you that Ringside Gym is back at Eckersley Mill for along time, and we have no intentions of moving. Indeed Daniel Every has passed comments on how the gym has lets now call it a day, and get on with training and winning championships..It's late I shall call it a night...I hope you will too.

    me in kickboxer.jpg

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    ahahahahaha That screen shot is the funniest thing I ever seen ever!

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    Yes I agree. Not proud of this. Whats even more funnier are the fight scenes.. they miss each other by miles.

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    You know I think he means it funny because that picture could be of any one! Seems a bit strange that a Movie filmed in Thailand would ship extras over from Wiggan dunnit? Are extrras not meant to be cheap labour???

    Just done a bit of googling on your teachers as well Pete LewiS and Roy Stanhope check out but the other ones, "Ronnie Green (not the thai boxer)Andy ahrmer and Allan Glyn. Ninjitsu and Bushido Master Steve Stvanvick" no record of them at all - how strange. Oh well. Dont send us a screen grab of them ill just leave it at that

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    good i can get on with my business

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