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Thread: Avoid the Ringside Gym Wigan

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    Haha keep digging that hole u douche bag face facts your gym was disgusting and someone has pointed that out!! I hope this post has made u tidy your gym up simply for the safety of your paying customers

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    people like you are just out of this world ..Making comments that you know nothing about.

    The gym had to be relocated, and unfortunately this proved to be a task in itself, although we did spend lots to try and sort out the problem, but in the end it was just out of my hands.

    We have since returned to Eckersley Mill. Eckerlsey Mill had its problems don't get me wrong, but the new landlords have sorted out most if not all the issues. Indeed most of his old clients did the same has ringside (relocated) and to date lots have now returned.

    Safety is of the utmost importance to all my customers,( members or visitors).

    I can assure you wiganer_06 that we are now back in a clean and safe environment. and with regards to my qualifications..just do you home work and you will see them on the site recommended by WORLD GOVERNING BODIES.

    I don't comment on this site very often, but I have been speaking to the site owner, and we have come to a mutual agreement about the comments on this thread.. So go ahead and make comments as you feel fit, but they won't be here long...

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    I'm sure moderators can just tell us if these different accounts all share the same IP address?

    And what exactly is the World Sport Karate/Kickboxing Association (WSKKA). It's strange that in 2012 a world governing body would have no internet site?

    Why dosnt Mr Bullough just offer proof of his credentials instead of avoiding them. So lets start off:

    1) You were in Kickboxer. Just point yourself out to us. Here's the full movie. Just let us know (for excample 0:56)

    2) You were world champion three times right? No problem telling us what world champion you were, WKA? WAKO? Year and event you won the title?

    3) Your an 8th Dan Master in Karate right? Maybe you could tell us who you trained under to get your 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan, 4th Dan, 5th Dan, 6th Dan and 7th Dan and 8th DAan? You must have trained under some pretty high ranking masters to get these gardes?

    4) And while you're at it, why dont you tell us what your experience is in the other arts you teach like Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA?

    If your credentials are geneuine I'm sure you have no probs answring these questions.

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    Thanks you have just given me an idea

    Although my certificates are on display at the gym I will create a page on ringside's main website for my qualifications and the alike.
    Thanks for that. I will post again when this is done..

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    Default Ninja sidestep

    Quote Originally Posted by ringside gym View Post
    Thanks you have just given me an idea

    Although my certificates are on display at the gym I will create a page on ringside's main website for my qualifications and the alike.
    Thanks for that. I will post again when this is done..

    Or you could just answer the questions on here instead of sidestepping them

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    Well it's not rocket science is it mate?

    Which world title did you win and when and where?

    If you come on here calling yourself an 8th Dan master, why don't you tell us which master taught you? I'm sure that questions not too hard for you

    What are your grade or experience in Ninjitsu, MMA and boxing? Again this shuldnt be too tricky for a master like you to answer!

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    Here is a video explaining all you can also see my qualifications.
    let it be know I am answering direct to you, this is for all who view this site..
    It easy setting up an account and making comments. All the comments I have read I have answered.

    It easy for you to make a user name and make comments..why don't you tell me who you are.. Instead of hiding behind your user name.

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    People have stated what they saw when goin to your gym to train is that such a bad thing to do? What comments have been made then that have pissed you off??? I've tried to watch your video but there seems to be no sound??

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    sorry about the sound I just noticed that myself.. I will do another to replace it.

    Its not the comments, most of them are not relevant.. Its is because you type in ringside gym in google and look what you get.. Its my business in the end...and I need to sort it out.. Yes the bloke has issues I did my best to explain to him, but he just kept adding silly comments.. he is happy to let them go because his thread is getting results.


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