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Thread: Bamma, ball park figure of pay?

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    Default Bamma, ball park figure of pay?

    Im not trying to stir or cause problems but from I was wondering how much the fighters got paid at BAMMA 7? Obviously there are a number of factors including how big a name you are, whether you are main event, prelim etc. Also Sinclair was a title fight but on the prelims so would that affect pay?
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    Apparently Daley got..............$1,000,000

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    I'd actually be interested in how many viewers they got?
    if they release that sort of information.

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    I would assume you mean BAMMA 7.

    I too would be very interested to know this data, especially with all the rumors of them being horribly in debt. Some people say it's a miracle they have lasted this long. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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