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    Remember I brung up Shotty not too long ago? Have you come across his 'Fire In The Booth' with Charlie Sloth?!

    WOWOWOOWOW. He recently did a gig at the club I work at and absolutely killed it...

    The whole video is STUUUUPID but the first 2 minutes... what a way to come in:

    “They say that I’m so cold, I’m freezin’,
    I say that I’m so cold I’m Stone Cold, I’m Steven,
    I roll with some Kimbos and Lyoto Machidas,
    They’ll squeeze a choke hold and there’s no hope for breathin’,
    We will need Goldberg, Joe Rogan speakin’,
    A replay roll and a slow motion sequence,
    But we don’t go for the promos and speeches,
    Now they know it’s straight beers when the logos are featured,
    My flow strong enough to judo throw Parisian,
    Punch lines’ll punch a big ol’ hole through Leben…”

    “Swagger’s immaculate so they jack it like Sprayway,
    You man are actors you got me laughin’ like Day Day,
    High Rise – don’t be leavin’ us around your la-dy,
    We’ll pick her up like AA; and battery her like AA…”

    Then I remembered his Big L Ebonics inspired 'Manny Talk'


    Keeping with the Ebonics theme... I'm lifted out my tree right now
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