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Thread: anyone bought adcc online before?

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    Default anyone bought adcc online before?

    Thinking about buying it this year. Is the stream good? Can u pick and choose which fights/brackets you watch? How long do you get to watch on demand?

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    Budo are covering it this year so will be a different team to last years live stream altogether.

    Budo have a full camera team who know what theyre doing so I would think it will be well filmed / edited.
    Fact that they are putting their company rep on the line also in providing live stream for such a well respected event would make me think they will make sure its a good job...

    There were complaints about last years coverage (live, not DVD which was different team) but this year is all different so far as I know.

    I doubt very much that you will be able to choose what fights / brackets you watch as it will be shown on a single live feed so you will have to go with the editors choice of whats shown!

    I spoke with Jake at Budo the other day and you get to watch it live, as well as a repeat viewing when you want at a later date. I think the repeat viewing will be available within around 3 weeks as this has to be captured to their home server first then made available so wont be instantly available.

    I cant make it to the event myself (absolutely completely gutted) so will be buying the stream today (save $5 before weekend), hope to catch what I can on the weekend live, then watch it all back when its released for playback!

    You can always email Jake at Budo to ask, Im sure he will get back to you asap!

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    will be similar to their stream of the world championships i'd assume, so pretty good. you wont be able to pick fights
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    Budo video streams are always great
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