I asked this question on facebook and had it answered by several people, none of which have much experience of training or nutrition so I thought I'd ask it here.

After 4 years of periodic half assed fitness while I had 2 kids etc, I've now got the time to get fit properly. My only problem is, every time I get back into a half decent regime within a week or two, I get sick. Its normally a virus or bacterial infection.

When I was training full time a few years ago I did occasionally over-train to the point where I crashed my immune system and got systemic bacterial infections. I did the same about 8 months ago when I went back to work and was working long hours and breastfeeding my son full time as well. I ended up with tonsilitis which got into my system after antibiotic treatment and left me with a resting heart beat of 150, chest pains, constant sweats and the doctor looking a bit scared at me. This leads me to believe that my immune system is a bit crap really. Oh yeah I'm also prone to ringworm despite bleaching myself regularly.

So, does anyone here have tips etc on nutrition, supplements etc to help? I'm eating clean but I don't take supplements. I'm not talking about training hardcore these days. I'm talking probably an hour or so 4 -5 times a week.