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Thread: Crashing your immune system

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    I love working with insomnia, give me an email at and let me know exactly what happens in respect to your insomnia, there'll be alot of advice I can help you with I'm sure.

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    i've just come out of one of my worst ever training sessions due to working 57 hour weeks a 2 year old who is an early riser and a 6 month old teething rest is definately the biggest factor but good shout on the glutamine i was prone to being run done when training for fights or hard sparring with teammates never been a one for supplements but started on reflex whey with glutamine and recovered a lot better on a cheaper protein due to 2 girls who if they carry on at this rate will probably outgrow their 6'6 110 kg dad by the time their 12 but thinking back will defo go back to glutamine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femme-ma View Post
    LOL. I feel grubby now.

    I know it's normally overdoing it that causes the issues. Not helped by insomnia. But dammit, I want to be fit again.

    I'm off to google gluatamine.
    I've read recently that Glutamine has little to no effect on training, it seems people change their mind on supps from day to day though.

    Best bet is to ensure you're getting all your vitamins/minerals and supplement with a fish oil if you're not keen on eating fish. Has helped me no end. Also agree with Sports-Select, sleep and recovery is just as important as your training & nutrition.

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    i think there's some kinda inflammation in you immune system ... You really need to consult with a doctor . But still you can try some anti-inflammatory foods like , ginger , apple cider vinegar .
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    I had to stop training because of my immune system making me feel tired. I use zink and vitamin c and I should be back training soon. Good luck.

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