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Thread: MMA or NoGi jits in Sheffield

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    Default MMA or NoGi jits in Sheffield

    Anybody give me any information on a good place to train specifically of a saturday for mma and no gi jits? any infor about times prices etc would be great thanks!

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    PM ''Ross'' on here. Boys got sessions running on saturday and it'll be worthwhile going down there.
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    Bit of a nitemare this one tbh..

    PM Ross, think he has his own training things going on for his return to MMA

    Another option is Forged MMA, they were rele close to the city centre but i think they recently moved, they have some very strong grapples and lead by BJJ Black Belt John Goldson, however they are mainly a BJJ gym as their originally a Gracie Barra, so alot of Gi, when i was about they only had one NoGi class and all the others were either MMA or Gi - find them on Google or FB

    Other gyms like Kapap, Wild Wild and S18 are a little way out of the centre and arnt that established, think their mainly stand up gyms

    If you can travel and have the money, a trip to Donny, Barnsley or Rotherham is an idea, alot of good gyms round there - not much of an option if your a student tho lol

    Hope that helps..

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    John Goldson's gym has moved to near Crystal Peaks in the last week or so.

    He's a fantastic teacher, I'd heartily recommend anyone going to his gym.
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    Please check out a brand new gym just opened in Rotherham.

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    who are the coaches? iv heard its kitted out well
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    Gi makes you good at no gi.
    I'd just look for good jits clubs...

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    John Goldson's place just just BJJ now they are no longer doing mma as i understand but he is taking classes at an mma club somewhere in sheff....
    If you can make it to Barnsley theres is always Fight Unit with head coach Craig Burke who is a 1-0 pro hw mma fighters as well his massive kick/thai boxing background, european and commonwealth kickboxer Adam Hadfield, a british open blue belt bjj champ and gi and no gi classes with GB purple belt Ian Turner.

    Either way you cant go wrong with either place..
    Theres also Sheff Shootfighters

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