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Thread: MMA Bushido FC Vol. 47: London, Troxy Hall, 05/11/11

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    Default MMA Bushido FC Vol. 47: London, Troxy Hall, 05/11/11

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy75 View Post
    Does Bushido use the standard mixed martial arts rules or do they use there own rules?

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    Default MMA Bushido FC Vol. 47: Fight Card

    Event: MMA Bushido FC Vol. 47
    Date: saturday, 5 november, 2011
    Location: Troxy Hall, London, England

    MMA +93 kg.: Daniel Omielańczuk (5-3-1 PL) vs Dayman Lake (2-0 GB)
    MMA 93 kg.: Egidijus Valavicius (19-9 LT) vs Sergei Sohov (8-2 RUS)
    MMA 77 kg.: Tomasz Jeruszka (6-4-1 PL) vs Leo Quieroz (8-3 BR)
    MMA 84 kg.: Dan Edwards (9-5 GB) vs TBA
    K-1 78 kg.: Matas Stebuliauskas (LT) vs Ben Abbott (GB)
    K-1 66 kg.: Mehmet Aba (TUR) vs Ron Harris (GB)
    K-1 +96 kg.: Hafiz Bakshaliev (AZR) vs Jame Saunders (GB)
    MMA Steve Okeeffe (5-1 GB) vs Mindaugas Verbickas (4-1 LT)
    K-1 66 kg.: Ignas Barysas (LT) vs Jay "The Prodigy" Dodds (GB)

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    fighting in a ring = WIN

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    I like the use of Zaromski on the poster. Clever marketing. Good luck.

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    Polish MMA fighter, Sanda and Muay Thai is Omielańczuk Daniel on Saturday, November 5 at London's Troxy to fight for the heavyweight belt Bushido MMA organization and is very much in support of Poles living in the British Isles. Pole face the Dayman Lake'm and here is his opinion about the preparations and the same struggle which will:

    Hello Daniel, take part in the gala MMA Bushido Vol 47, tell me how you prepared for this show?

    - Well hello, long time no preparing, because 3 weeks ago I returned from the World Championships in Turkey in Sanda and nearly four weeks before I did everything under the formula for Sanda, but I think it will be fine!

    Dayman Lake it is your opponent. Do you know anything about him? seen his fights?

    - No fighting in MMA is not seen, but I saw some storied battles where key subjects (kimura) and lever (armbar).

    This is a player who specializes in grappling, are worried that if you put on your strength, in turn, stand-up because you're familiar with the strong beats. Do you think your collar will decide in this fight?

    - Do not fear that somehow jeopardize my standing. On the ground floor I can handle it, because I train with Robert Jocz, Janek Blachowicz and Pavel Nastula . They are good grapplerami and I get along. For me, this should be an obstacle that is somehow super strong.

    This time the fight will take place in the ring, which is a little different, in principle, on the English market is dominated by the cage in MMA. What do you think? Your meringue is an advantage?

    - I prefer the cage, I'm strong and more firmly pressed against the cage. I prefer the cage.

    And tell me how your weight and how much you weigh now?

    - For me, this weight fluctuates and I weigh 115 to 118 kg

    It's a lot ...

    - Yes it's true and I have a lot of problems with nailing weight, at my weight fluctuates quite a bit. At the beginning of the summer I weighed 123 kg and then slightly went down to 115 kg, but sometimes I go up to 120 kg

    What can you say Polish fans to encourage them to watch your fight in London, because you're one of the two Poles at the gala?

    - I can only say that they came and cheered me and I will give a good fight and do not lie down without replacement and the hail of blows.

    Daniel, therefore, we wish you victory, and we keep our fingers crossed that it will also fight for the belt Bushido MMA organization. It is important to you?

    - I think so ... I did not know in advance that struggle will duel for the title, the organizer did not tell me. I learned about it from the internet.

    So Daniel, once again, we wish you victory and success at a gala MMA Bushido Vol 47 in London on Saturday 5 November.

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    me likey very much

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    Very hard to read the translation, but.... its making me excited - cant wait for D to bring home the title

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    So looking foward to this ....

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