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Thread: FORMULA ONE 2011 - Sebastian Vettel set to become F1 World Champion (AGAIN)

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    Default FORMULA ONE 2011 - Sebastian Vettel set to become F1 World Champion (AGAIN)

    Who do you think will win the Japanese GP? WME-IMG

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    The guy with the fastest car wins, or the guy around the first corner is first place wins the guy around the first corner second comes second the guy around the first corner third comes third etc etc. Boring!
    Mike "the mic" Persil

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    It has been a dullfest of a season, thanks to the ineptitude of one Mark Webber.

    He is the only person other than Vettel to make pole this year; but is not one of the four drivers who has won a race. Had he managed to push Vettel during the races half as hard as he did in qualifying, the season would have been a cracker. He's only been ahead of Vettel once, only finished in second twice, and has spent most of the season coming in 3rd or 4th.

    Instead of a gripping season... boring.
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    How this can be called a sport is beyond me!!

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    I've always been a Formula 1 fan but this season has just killed my interest

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    yeah has been rather boring same with motogp with most races.. thank fuck there is moto2

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    How has this season been boring? The new tyre and fuel rules have meant multiple pit-stops and loads of different strategies from each team. There has been loads of overtaking, some great fights between 2 or 3 drivers in nearly every race.

    Ok, there is a dominant champion which kind of kills some interest in the season, but each race is still worth winning to the drivers. -

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    I agree with rob, the new rules, tyres, drs and the like has improved the racing no end, yes vettel has run away with it but the actual racing has been really good to watch

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