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Thread: New Immortal MMA gym in Milton Keynes

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    Default New Immortal MMA gym in Milton Keynes

    We have a new MMA gym opened up in Milton Keynes called Immortal MMA, facilities include a 20ft cage, 18ft ring, large matted area, cardio machines - x trainers, treadmills, steppers - Weights machines, free weights, Tyres, Battle ropes, protein shake bar, chill out area and most importantly a sun bed lol!!

    We have some great teachers and fighters fighting out of our camp which include Linton Vassell, Fraser Opie and Danny Batten.
    Classes include
    Thai Boxing
    Strength & Conditioning
    Private training
    Open Mat

    If you're interested in coming along to the gym check out, email or call Claire on 07519 788 214 or Fraser on 07525 790068


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    follow us on Facebook too

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    Isn't Danny Batten injured??

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    Seen the pics on Facebook mate, gym looks absolutely sick. Best of luck with it all.
    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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    Good luck with the Gym.
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    Thanks guys, lots of pics on the internet. Danny is teaching MMA with us

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    Good luck with the gym, the facility looks very impressive. Do you have a wrestling coach?
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    Just want to say well done to Linton on his win last night, just demonstrating his stand up skills!!

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    photos look real good, well done
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    Great facilities, did the Sunday MMA class the other week with Danny. Good mix of people to roll with. Good place to train.
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