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Thread: Too hot to sleep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy
    Its spider season, they're all over the fucker. I used to just pick them up and throw them outside, but I now just squat the bastards with pure hatred.
    You squat spiders ? how many reps do you do ?

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    spiders are generally afraid of humans, we are a giant breathing mammal that makes lots of noise and movement.

    if i was the size of a spider and something that big came along i'd shit it.

    man up bitches.

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    i can understand the swallowing of the spider to catch the fly, the bird to catch the spider, the cat to catch the bird and the dog to catch the cat...

    but why the hell would a cow be the animal of choice to catch a dog? surely a panther or a shark would make more sense?

    or maybe even a bear. or a crocodile.

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    it's easy to swallow a fly - they do buzz around a bit, and accidents do happen. swallowing a cat, however, cannot be accidental by any stretch of the imagination.

    now i think about it, did any of her neighbours report her unusual diet to the RSPCA?

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    well, i don't think there's much that can be done to the old lady now, after all, she did swallow a horse. she swallowed the horse to catch the cow. so now she's dead of course.

    do the RSPCA carry out smear campaigns against deceased OAPs with eccentric eating habits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibbler
    lol dunno but i think meals on wheels has alot to answer for
    well, i could only find proof that dogs sometimes come on wheels:

    however, i don't think it's really meals on wheels unless you're in Korea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave hirst
    Spiders are vermin. I try to not kill them because I know they do a good job of killing other real pests but these fuckers in particular really get on my tits

    I had a similar instance where one was lurking on my towel as I was getting out the shower... that warranted an instant death sentence by means of rolled-up copy of fighters only (thanks Hywel)
    LOL, no probs, thats what we're here for... I think!

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    ...but at least it's a dry heat

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