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Thread: Testosterone Boosters - Are they worth it?

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    Default Testosterone Boosters - Are they worth it?

    I have been training for a few months now and I am thinking of adding a Testosterone Booster cycle into my training.

    I am getting on a bit now (30) and have read that it is a good idea for older athletes (not that I am an athlete!). I was thinking of trying some sort of ZMA paired with a natural T Booster.

    What are everybody's opinions of Testosterone Boosters? Are they worth it?

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    The 'natural' ones (despite the marketing) are proven to do nothing!

    I'm amazed they are still allowed to market them in the fashion they do. If you read the labels they generally say something like

    "may help raise test levels by as much as 30%"

    yeah 'may' do, but more likely 'may' not!

    If you feel that your natural test levels are dropping you have three choices, 1 - legal TRT through your GP (highly unlikely in the UK), 2 - 'illegal' non prescribed TRT which you get hold of yourself, or lump it and get on with it!!!

    Do NOT waste your money on this shite though buddy, spend your money on off the shelf Protein, glutamine, creatine, BCAA's etc that are proven to work....or go a little harder !
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    A mate of mine is thinking of running HCGenerate along with a couple of other products to help stimulate his test production after he has finished a cycle pf AAS. Not something I would consider but I think HCGenerate does look like a good product and worth a go.

    Haveyou looked at pro hormones and things ?

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    I wouldn't use anything more than Protein, BCAA's, Multi Vitamins & Omega supps (maybe creatine too). I'm a few years younger than yourself though.

    It depends on why you think your test levels are low, how is this affecting your training?

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    Thanks for the replies guy. I don't think that my testosterone levels are particularly low - I just read that they get lower with age and I am getting on a bit to be starting MMA so I could with as much help as possible!

    I thought that they sounded like a load of bo***cks but I just wanted to check I wasn't missing out on anything first.

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    I wouldn't worry too much Ian. Just approach your training with dedication and the results will come. Age is but a number. There are guys twice my age that put my fitness and strength to shame!

    All the best!

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