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Thread: Craig Allen vs. Mike Persil

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    Quote Originally Posted by foresthills View Post
    theres another lad who fights for allens team (south west phsycotics)sp whos tiny, I call him the goblin.

    hes got good 1 punch power but only for about 30 seconds
    Mark Jones
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    This tournement should happen, but to make it more interesting it should be held in a bouncy castle and they should wear clown suits
    That would be well worth the entrance fee !!!!
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    man this thread is harsh,
    i think these guys are too good for this

    welsh -v good muay thai fighting guys well above his weight
    aldridge -as said put away one of them fast .
    and despite his crazy record wich i can understand why hes mentioned nathan thomphson before going crazy and fightign everyweekend unprepared was a semi pro and amture champion with potential
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    I saw Scott Gregory fight at IKON 9..and although he lost his was fight of the night for me..great wrestling and not frightened to throw his hands either..
    people harp on about records to much,this is MMA not boxing..some of the best fighters I know have negetive records.
    A guy with 10-15 in the L bracket just needs to look at his training and take it from there...I personally wouldnt pay to watch an 8 man tourney like rather see these guys focus on there training and get quality matches.
    Just my opinion.
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    Found this thread pretty funny when it started............then I have a look a couple of days later and see my name in the mix. Gutted!!!

    Must have missed it in all the excitment of the REED vs WELSH thread lol

    I am aware my record is poor but to be put in the same group as some of the people mentioned is pretty harsh, but I am aware people will have an opinion and thats fair enough.

    I wont try and justify my record because I am sure nobody wants to here excuses but I do have my reasons.

    I love the sport and would rather stay active and fight heavier and/or more experienced fighters and maybe lose than not be involved in the game at all. At the moment I do what I can when I can and will continue to do so until my circumstances change.

    I genuinely wish this was not the case and I could fully apply myself and do myself and the people who have faith in me justice, but at the moment its just not possible.

    Thanks again to the people who have stood up for me though Much appreciated

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    I love you wolfman, you fucking rule dude!! lmao... Team Sprawl.
    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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    Danny welsh is too good for this torni, we should ban him from entering and get mally Richardson !

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    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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