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Thread: Is Catch Wrestling not taught very well?

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    Default Is Catch Wrestling not taught very well?

    Just a thought I had because their are some amazing catch wrestlers but not anywhere close to the amount of amazing BJJ players. This video got me thinking about it. Gokor doesnt seem great at instructing the techniques IMO.
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    I know Gokor is not just a Catch guy but he has had extensive training in Catch.
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    Ian Bromley is the man, along with the lads in Stockport Catch.
    Even after the first long, hard and painfull session, the instruction that I gained from Ian was 2nd to none. It was put in a way that everything seemed to click into place.

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    submissions are submissions, you wont learn a magical power training catch wrestling

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    i thought id expand. what i mean is, people shouldnt get caught up thinking catch wrestling is this secret pot of gold of submissions. it isnt. what you should do is look for a good coach no matter which (legit) grappling art they teach. also add to the fact that what they often teach as catch nowadays really isnt, because real catch wrestling had pins so you would never go to your back for instance. well in most grappling comps or mma you find yourself on your back a lot, so why train an art that isnt designed to cover such a massive area?

    I love catch wrestling by the way, its my local wrestling style. i think people should strive to keep their own county's style alive rather than worrying about good old lancashire wrestling if they live outside the area, but they shouldnt think its going to give them secret weapons in competition

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    well, given that rubbish bjj blue belts with a couple of weeks training in catch are now billed as, "a first class coach in Catch Wrestling" and charging 15 a head for seminars...then i'd say that no, catch is not taught well
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    Ian Bromley is a superb coach of catch...not only that he breaks it down form MMA too
    I can recomend his gym and seminars to anyone.
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