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Thread: Superfight @ the Glasgow Open 15-10-11!

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    Default Superfight @ the Glasgow Open 15-10-11!

    Great fun and looking forward to more brown belt fights


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    Glad you enjoyed it mate, I never actually got to see the match until now as I was running about daft trying to get the hall tidied up before the staff kicked us out LOL
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    i don't think you need to label everytime he pushes on you as a failed sweep attempt, it comes across a bit cheeky imo. was a good performance by your opponent, he dominated the fight, never in any trouble just bided his time till you gave him the triangle. quality brown belt
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    I know mate, I thought the cleaners were gonna take the mats away whilst we were rolling Thanks for letting me come up and join in the fun mate


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    how long have you been brown now fishface?

    nice fight
    Insert whiny message

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    Default Superfight

    Hey Duchman

    I got my brown belt September 9th this year mate


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    well done for representing the oldies mate. Not many people at 40 are willing to jump in with under 30's opponents particulary at brown belt.
    Much respect shaky

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    Cheers Shaky

    I'm a Senior 2 now, doubt I'll get many fights in my division, so looks like more Adults in the future

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