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Thread: How Many Reps

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    Think one thing that hasnt been mentioned, even 5x5 or 8-12 rep range, whats also very important is the actual time taken to do each rep i.e time under tension, if you can bang out 5x5's reasonably fast (probably weight too light if thats the case anyway), its never going to put as much strain as say doing 8 reps at a slower weight. Personalyl have found 5x5 has given me the most strength gains but sometimes I do switch it up and go 8-12 rep range lighter weight and focus more on the time of each rep.

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    Leigh answered a similar question for me a while back,similar answer to whats been mentioned about the "big 3" lifts. Also it wont hurt to throw some shrugs an weighted chins in too. But what is deffo true is that you prioritise- i.e. for strength concentrate on strength training outside of your mma/rolling/sparring. when you're happy,go back to a balence or focus on cardio.

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