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    need some help i run a small club in a area were there isn't any other bjj classes unless you drive for 1 1/2 hours.i have trained bjj since 2001 on and off i have also trained judo and Japaneses jiu jitsu .there was a real need for a school as there were lots of guys rolling a round at martial art schools with out a clue so with much pushing and shoving i found my self coaching a group of guys. to cut a long story short the guys from the school have been very successful in both mma and grappling competitions both local and national and i feel it time for the school to move forwards. we have had some really good seminars from instructors from different clubs which has helped us move even quicker with are the problem, i have never really bothered about grading as my training has been just for me so held no belt in bjj at the last seminar the black belt rolled with my self and one of my students and straight away asked if we would except blue belt from him. do you guys think we should become affiliated to one of the big team or not will they take us with a blue belt as coach. i would much appreciate some in put

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    sorry ment to say the school dosent make any money any funds go to venue hire,insurance ect ect

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    Why not become affiliated with the black belt who awarded you your blue belt?

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    Don't know is affiliation the way to go forward then in your view

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    Depends on the needs of your club. If your boys are just happy to train then I don't see a need for it. However if you want to push on, then affiliating or at least connecting with other clubs is a way forward. That said some associations can land you with quite heavy affiliation fees.

    No harm in reaching out to the BJJ community though, talk to clubs/instructors and see what feedback you get. You might find a brown/black belt happy just to visit once in a while.

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    i run my gym. my affiliation is none. several gyms asked me to be the there affilianate. but i enjoy freedom, and having seminars with guys from every gym, bjj, wrestling or judo.
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    I don't think there's a problem with having a blue belt coach if you are in a remote location without any decent instructors as long as you have regular contact with a coach/team.

    The trouble with not having any affiliation is grading, not least the fact that eventually you'll be buying some shady black belt when you think you're ready . Better to have a good relationship with a team IMO

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    shop around and try and find someone who can come visit you regular and is interested in seeing your team grow if you can. you don't want someone who's just after some affiliation fees and will drop in once a year for a seminar
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