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Thread: BJ Penn next bout *spoilers*

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    Default BJ Penn next bout *spoilers*

    Well if you watched the end of the Diaz fight - you'll know what I mean.

    Will he stick with his decision?

    I'd be so so so sorry if BJ Penn really does retire.
    Will he have another fight?

    For those of you who didn't see it; Diaz and Penn went head to head with Penn having a slick first round and showing variety with some ground domination and better boxing, getting caught only on occasion with Nick mainly on the back foot.
    2nd round Diaz piled on the pressure and bounced Penn around like a boxing speedball.
    3rd round wasn't much different except Penn sucked it up and threw more shots in retaliation except his ration was something like 1:3 or 1:4 of Diaz.
    Diaz decisions Penn and they both have opposing Rocky eye swelling.
    Penn gets a little emotional and tells Rogan that he must retire as he can't compete at this level and has family comitments.

    At 32, has he started a slow slide downward - or is it psychological?
    I thought he looked a little puffy and his cardio was hit & miss.
    I don't want him to retire :'(
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    think its best if both he and cro cop retire.

    i can understand where Penn is coming from because realistically that loss would normally lead to him looking at fighting the anthony johnson's or charlie b's of the division and that's a bit of a slap in the face
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    PJ is still a tough fight for anybody in the lw or ww division. He won the first round against alot of people number 2 fighter in the welterweight division and fought to a draw with Fitch who is also one of the top 5 fighters in the divison so he can still compete at the highest level.

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    He went the distance with the next WW champ. BJ is still relevant and at his peak.

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    Would be gutted to see BJ pack it in, after all it just happened to be the no.2 welterweight in the world he was fighting and as Dmjohn said is still a tough fight for anyone at lightweight or welterweight, wish he would have stayed at lightweight to be honest, but imo will never be in title contention again in either division so would understand if he finished up.

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    I think once he has sat out for a bit and time to get over this loss, he'll come back to fight. Should really be at 155 again though, because he is too small at 170.

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    I understand what B.J is saying tho, if he can't win a title he doesn't want to fight.

    Some fighters want to just keep fighting until they feel like stopping and some fighters will stop when they know they will never be a champ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    Too small for 170
    this, he is a lw and think he can still win that title, he shouldnt retire he should just fight at his proper weight

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    That fight was awesome, fights like that is what the sport is all about. BJ is too small for 170 and should carry on at 155 imo. For me he is still one of the best fighters in the world, he just isn't his best at 170. I think a combination of carrying the extra weight and the hustle and bustle of facing heavier guys takes its toll. He doesn't have a cardio problem, it's just a lot harder for him manhandling guys who are naturally a lot bigger than him.

    BJ should drop to 155 and give Nick's brother Nate a bollocking lol

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