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Thread: Tri Style promotions k1 rules and mma show 29th Jan 2012

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    As i have said nothing that is untrue or based on my own personal experience, good luck with that and waste your money taking me to court. LIBEL would have to be a statement made not based on truth... Your promotion really is a joke and you really have no clue about match ups, Matching an 0-0 to a 10-1 is clearly a shit matchup yet you seem to think its not, also claiming an 0-0 is too experienced to fight an 0-0, lets face it the evidence is against you.

    If anyone has made libellious statements it is you for claiming a lied about my record, this could have damaged my reputation with future promoters. You also claim you found out by the means of your "sanctioning body" thus fueling my "lie", this was infact a lie on your part when actually you asked me if i had any other combat sport experience outside of mma i told you myself, if i was in someway lieing i could have very easily simply said no. So before you start making threats of Defamations maybe take a step back and think about what you have said.

    Threats of lebellious statements does not mean you can be a badly run organization and people not have an opinion of that.

    Still want to talk about court... Give it a go.

    Keyboard hard men... Its your guys that wouldn't fight me not the other way round. Infact if you look i even offered to fight you on this or any other show. I will step up to that any time you like.
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