2011 10th Kyokushin World Championships Thread (Fri-Sun):

Video of top Contenders:
€極œŸš館€‘第10›ž…–•Œ空‰‹“選‰‹ 権大šPV2 - YouTube

Chart of Kyokushin Champions (1975-2011):
Kyokushin Champions

Trailer for 10th World Championships:
第10›ž…–•Œ大šƒ—ƒ*ƒƒ‚ƒƒ 第€弾 - YouTube

Francisco Filho 7th Kyokushin World Champion:
Francisco Filho Highlights - YouTube

Andy Hug 4th World Championship 2nd place Part 1:
K1 - Best Of Andy Hug - Part 1 by mart - YouTube

Part 2:
K1 - Best Of Andy Hug - Part 2 by mart - YouTube

Kyokushin Karate Channel (Dunno if they are going to show it here, they might)
Kyokushin Karate, Ustream.TV: Kancho Shokei Matsui will give a New Year's Opening Address to all worldwide members which will be streamed LIVE via USTREA...

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