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Thread: Enty vs green rematch!!

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    Have you heard yaself ya daft cunt!! I agree with chatfield to a point but I honestly do think that a rematch shud b on the cards, I just feel that if you was to fight green again he wud smash ya fucking head in!! I am just saying that after hearing everythin that went on in his personal life, he deserves to fight u when he has nothing going on.

    Chatfield you do make a fair comment, maybe green should of pulled out but with all the hype and all the shit stirring if he had of pulled out cud u imagine the shit he wud of got. He hyped the fight like enty did, so in all fairness he had no choice but to fight!!

    Whether people agree or disagree with what I'm saying, deep down I think everybody wants to see the REMATCH!! I'm just stating my opinion and after that comment from dick head enty it says it all about you ya twat...

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    1st thing I gotta say is that enty beat me fair and square!! Yes my head wasnt in that fight but I chose to get in and fight anyway... So chatters made a fair point.

    Enty after you sending me a msg on Facebook apologising about things that had been said etc I actually thought fair play to ya and I respected you but to come on here and start calling me a whopper blah blah, you are just one disrespectful c**t!! I'm not making excuses as yea you did beat me. But if I said to you let's fight again I know you wouldn't turn it down!! If I was offered a rematch wud I take it?? Yes I fucking would!! Will it happen?? I doubt it!! But if it doesn't I'm not arsed, I'm happy just seeing you get ya arse handed to u by some of the top feather weights (well if you get down)

    My ship hasn't sailed yet!! I'll be back, I'll go away pick my game up and get up into the ranks!!

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    Andy if your head wasnt right and when Enty did not make weight you shouldve pulled. The fairest way is go away and get a few wins and then look at a rematch.

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    You have a point Chris... I'm not making excuses and like I said he beat me fair and square I'm just putting my reply to the thread

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    Fuckin hell another thread about enty is anyone else not fuckin bored wiv him yet lol if any fw takes a fight wiv him there a mug wouldnt risk all that shit u go thru to cut weight n he turn up no wer near i dont think they should remstch i dont think they should have fought in the 1st place
    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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