So this is the deal, right.

About 5ft 6, dark hair, but bleached just short of the roots, cute face, killer body (now I understand why), and even off duty, she still dresses like a hooker.

I know her to see, from where the hookers hang out, but my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw her working up a sweat on the elliptical trainer.
I absolutely stared her out of it, unable to believe my eyes, but when she gave me a quick smile, I knew it was for real.

Anyways, I haven't told anyone else at the gym, and it appears no one else is privy to this information.

So, I ask; what do?

Isn't it like, unethical or some shit?

Maybe I should tell the proprietor, and get that bitch banned.

On the other hand, she does actually seem quite nice, and keeping in shape ain't no bad thing.