Lots of guys on here have worked on the doors. Lets have some amusing/eventful stories off you. I will start it off.

A few years ago I was working on the door of The Ritz in Manchester city centre and patrolling inside a girl asked me to throw a lad out, who she pointed out, as he had lifted up her dress. The girl looked like the sort who wouldn’t mind her dress lifting up.LOL I approached the lad who seemed reasonably normal, for a lad in a city centre night club. When confronted with the allegation, he not only denied it, he said the girl was an ex-girlfriend who had started an argument with him. Quick thinking I asked the guy what her name was. I then went back to the girl and said "whats your name" she said it, and it matched what the lad had said. Then I said to the girl, the lad claims he was once with you and you are making it up, she said he is lying and he doesn’t know me, so I said how come he got your name right then and threw her out. It shows that all it not what it seems as first and how devious women can be.